Prüfstelle 77

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Fieldtrip to the department for acoustics and building physics at the tgm vienna. They’re equipped with  fun installations like anechoic and reverbation rooms and tons of gorgeous omnidirectional speaker systems. TGM, Vienna, 2014 tgm – Die Schule der Technik Fachbereich … Continue reading

signs of life

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Signs of life was curated by fellow studen Lukas Jakob Löcker in collaboration with the wonderful RAUM.SCHIFF staff. The exhibition is open until Februar 23rd. Works by: Amanda Augustin, Andaka, Hubert Leonard Ebenberger, Tanja Fuchs, Lukas Aleksander Glowacki, Joseph Gower, … Continue reading


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Viktor Delevs dual Screen Dance Performance for the Ars Electronica’s Deep Space Theater premiered during the opening of TIME OUT 01, an series of small exhibits by local art university students. Gruberska and Delev investigate several concepts, opening with a … Continue reading